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Common ivy at home.  What to do to make it look effective and lush?  Its cultivation is easy!

Common ivy at home. What to do to make it look effective and lush? Its cultivation is easy!

Ivy is a plant that belongs to the Araliaceae family. The most popular is the genus Hedera, which includes as many as seven species. Unfortunately, only two of them can be grown at home. The first is common ivy, which can be grown in a pot. It pleases the eyes and does not require complicated care. It decorates the interior and is now gaining popularity again. How to grow it and how to decorate your home with it? We advise.

Common ivy at home: how to grow it so that it looks spectacular?

Ivies are self-adhesive climbers – if the shoots meet a support on their way, they begin to climb over it. They are grown in pots and need special ladders and grids to allow them to grow and present themselves beautifully in all their glory. If you prefer it to hang freely – place it at a height, e.g. on a flower bed. It will look most decorative on metal racks. It can be gently wrapped around e.g. a round structure.

Common ivy at home does not require complex cultivation. How to take care of it?

When buying ivy in garden stores, you need to pay attention to its roots. They should be flexible, light, without dark spots. The numerous young growths are a big plus, as this will keep the plant growing lush and magnificent. Common ivy is perfect for almost any home conditions. It is resistant to both high and low temperature. All you need to do is spray it regularly with soft water. The substrate should be slightly moist. Climbers should be shortened for maintenance purposes at least twice a year. Be careful to keep ivy away from animals, this plant can be poisonous to them.

Common ivy is not the only species to be grown at home

The second species that is suitable for indoor cultivation is Canary ivy. Its characteristic feature is quite large, evergreen, of course, leaves. They are up to 15 cm in length. Lighter veins are visible on their surface. Unfortunately, it is less resistant to temperatures. is for you and we write for you all the time on various topics. This does not mean, however, that Ukraine is relegated to the background. This is a current and very important issue all the time. You can find all the most important information here:

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