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The Russian athlete sharply comments on the sanctions against Russia.  And he warns Poles

The Russian athlete sharply comments on the sanctions against Russia. And he warns Poles

The eighth day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has passed. Vladimir Putin’s troops are killing more and more civilians and destroying more and more residential buildings. The world of sport tries to react to current events. Such powerful organizations as the IOC have excluded Russians and Belarusians from their structures. And then the domino effect began. The world volleyball federation took away from the Russians the organization of the World Cup (),.

– I can see the joint action of the IOC, UEFA, FIFA, Formula 1, boxing federations and other organizations and I feel proud. I have nothing against Russian athletes, but they represent the regime, so they are necessarily related to this war. It is important to show the world that this war is not right, he said in Sky Sports.

What about speedway?

PGE Ekstraklasa is to start on April 8. However, it is still unknown whether the Russians will be able to participate in it. The Russian Artiom Łaguta intends to compete with a Polish license. – Putin’s aggression is terrifying. This is not my Russia. This is Putin’s Russia, and I don’t want to have anything to do with it – “His brother Grigory has a slightly different perspective on this subject.

– Polish fans are demanding the suspension of Russian sportsmen more and more loudly? I will not comment on this – says Grigory, who declined to comment also on his brother’s decision.

For now, the Motor Lublin rider is preparing for the season and is waiting for warmer days to return to the track. The Russian does not want to consider the suspension. – That would be very unfair. Please take into account that as a result of such a decision not only a few Russians but also many Polish mechanics would lose their jobs. After all, these people have families and they have to support them somehow. So it can be said that the suspension would affect not only the Russians, but also the Poles – the speedway rider said in the portal “”.

What about Russian athletes after the end of the war?

Although the question seems to be right, it is difficult to answer today for a simple reason. Nobody can predict the future and when the war will end. Thomas Bach was asked about this issue.

– We left it open. It is very difficult to define a term or define what could lead to sanctions being tightened up or some of them lifted. Therefore, in general, there is a passage that we are sticking to. We will closely monitor the situation and adapt our activities to its development -.

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