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Chavista regime in Venezuela increases the minimum wage from US$1.6 to US$28.9

Chavista regime in Venezuela increases the minimum wage from US$1.6 to US$28.9

The illegitimate president Venezuelan, Nicholas Maduroannounced that it will increase the minimum salary from 7 bolivars (US$1.6) to half a petro, a cryptocurrency promoted by his regime and which, in exchange, represents US$28.9, which means that the increase will be 1,705%.

“You propose that the minimum wage, the base of the workers, be placed in half a petro: approved, I agree and that impacts all the salary tables upwards,” Maduro said in a meeting with workers.

He clarified that Venezuelan pensioners will also benefit from this measure.

“Now, we have the lungs to endure this, we have it and I ask that, immediately, I order this decision in dialogue with the working class, the work groups, in dialogue with the entire business sector, in dialogue with all the actors. social,” he said.

Regarding the basket-ticket, a food voucher that currently amounts to 3 bolívares (US$0.7), he commented that “there is a proposal to increase it to 45 bolívares.”

In this way, the total sum would be 171.32 bolivars, that is, US$ 39.2 at the exchange rate.

The head of state affirmed that they are going to “take advantage of this stage of economic siege” that he considers Venezuela is experiencing, due to the sanctions, to “make new models of collective contracts, adapted to the real decisions of the workers.”

Regarding pensioners, he said that he has “privately asked” his executive vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, to make “a proposal to heal the wounds of all the workers who have retired in recent years and have taken a retirement misery .

“I want a plan to protect and financially compensate all the retirees of the last five years, a special plan to compensate them,” concluded Maduro.

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