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At a global summit, FIFA will analyze the proposal for a biannual World Cup on December 20

President Gianni Infantino pointed out that changes will be made to the calendar “if we are convinced that everyone can benefit.”

The FIFA convened a global summit with all federations on December 20 to address the possible changes in the international calendar, as announced by its president, Gianni Infantino, who said that “an agreement is possible” after all parties present their position.

“When we discuss the new world calendar, there are very strong reactions, criticisms and negative comments, but I have also heard many positive and enthusiastic comments already. The debate is open. Opinions are very different in different parts of the worldMy role is to listen to everyone and try to reach a common point ”, he said.

At a press conference after the FIFA Council meeting held this Wednesday, Infantino said that “the objective of presenting a joint and agreed proposal for all federations” and that “we will only make changes if we are convinced that everyone can benefit.”

We have to reach an agreement because we are talking about a global game that thousands of people love. This debate motivates me, it is very healthy ”, he added.

The The FIFA Council today addressed the proposal to modify the international calendar and celebrate the World Cup every two years, an approach that has been rejected by UEFA, the World Leagues Forum, and before which the IOC has expressed concern about how it may affect other competitions. (D)

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