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What other accidents have affected the bascule bridge between Guayaquil and Santay

The bridge has been involved in accidents for several years.

Santay Island is located on the Guayas River, 800 meters away from the city of Guayaquil and belongs to the Duran canton. The area of ​​the island comprises 2,179 hectares. There reside 56 families located in 46 houses, with an average of 230 inhabitants. The site is considered the lung of the city, it is an important site for ecological tourism and conservation.

A bascule bridge connects Guayaquil and Santay Island. Over the years, the bridge has been affected by various accidents that have damaged and rendered it inoperative. Recently, the Brazilian Navy training ship Cisne Branco hit the structure on the Guayas River.

Previous accidents

Previously, on October 12, 2017, specifically, the bridge was hit by a boat, in the afternoon. The collision was of a fishing boat with a section of the wooden bridge, destroying that part of the bridge that fell into the river.

According to the authorities, there were no injuries or human losses to regret. The tourists who ran to the opening booth and other people who were trapped in the other section of the bridge were immediately rescued and rescued by members of the Guayaquil Fire Department.

After 8 months of rehabilitation work, the bridge was reopened after the shock of a fishing vessel with the structure of the pass that caused damage to 80% of the pipeline that crosses the Guayas River.

Nevertheless, On August 12, 2018, a disused ship of enormous proportions, anchored downstream in the Guayas, was adrift and was swept away by the rising tide, causing it to impact the bridge.

It is worth mentioning that the ship – which was no longer operational and was close to being dismantled – had been in the last days on a sandbar secured by two anchors for later towing. However, the tide and strong winds dragged the ship that was on the Adelca company dock, located a few meters from the Abel Gilbert Pontón boardwalk, generating the accident.

The accident did not cause injuries, but caused considerable damage to the tilting part of the structure.

“The ship came loose from where it was stranded about 500 meters, it was half an hour before colliding with the structure. The approach caused panic among about 60 people who were using the bridge at that time and who were evacuated with the help of the police, ”Rafael Segura, security guard and witness to the event, told various Ecuadorian media. (I)

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