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Another player was missing during the M¦. “Nothing can be done at present”

30-year-old Shaghayegh Bapiri has been a key player in the national team so far. She has appeared in six matches at the championship so far, including Monday’s clash with Cameroon (17:32). A day later, hearing after her and no one knows where she is.

Mysterious disappearance of an Iranian handball player

The matter was immediately reported. The organizers of the championship and the International Handball Federation (IHF) were the first to learn about the disappearance of the 30-year-old, after which the case was brought to the police. Jaume Fort, director of the organizing committee of the tournament, told Danish TV 2 that “there is nothing else that can be done at the moment”.

This is the second similar case during the ongoing championships. A few days earlier, after the end of the meeting with the Polish national team, there was information about the disappearance of four handball players from. The Spanish police have still not found them and it is possible that the players have already left the country.

This is not the first time that this happened

In recent years, similar situations have rather not happened. In history, however, it has repeatedly happened that athletes have disappeared under various circumstances at international sporting events.

The main reason for such situations is usually the reluctance to return to their country, which is usually the result of a difficult political situation. A few months ago, just before the start of the weightlifting competition in Tokyo, a Ugandan weightlifter mysteriously disappeared without a trace. After a few days, his whereabouts were established.

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