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“Rise”: Forced to stay at home, 91-year-old actor Ivan Krasko asked Putin to help with snow removal in St. Petersburg

Petersburg actor Ivan Krasko complained to Russian President Vladimir Putin about the uncleared snow in the northern capital and asked for help with this. Rise became aware of Krasko’s letter to Putin. In a letter, 91-year-old Krasko writes that it has become impossible to live in winter Petersburg due to the lack of snow removal. The townspeople, especially the older ones, simply cannot get to the store or pharmacy because of the huge snowdrifts.

As a citizen of St. Petersburg and as an elderly person, I want to raise my voice in defense of my fellow citizens, who suffer from the sluggishness of our city authorities, ”writes the People’s Artist of Russia. He also expressed his indignation at the icicles that hang from the roofs, fall from time to time and pose a danger to the townspeople. Krasko asks Putin to influence the city authorities or send help to St. Petersburg to remove snow from the ice.

The director of the artist Vyacheslav Smorodinov confirmed the authenticity of the message. According to him, Krasko is already an elderly man and because of the snow in the city “the situation is bad for him.” “The city is buried in snow, mud, and at his age he is forced to always be at home,” – this is how Smorodinov described the situation, emphasizing that Krasko used to often walk around the city.

Recall that over the past few days in the center of St. Petersburg, several people became victims of fallen icicles, the condition of the victims is assessed as grave.

Source: Rosbalt

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