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The Guardian: Saxony is looking for a group of anti-Axis Telegram armed with crossbows and planning to assassinate the prime minister

The Office of Criminal Affairs of the Federal State of Saxony (FRG) organized a police raid in Dresden, identifying those involved in the plans to assassinate the Prime Minister of Saxony Michael Kretschmer. It is reported by the newspaper The Guardian. Due to the fact that the conspirators could be armed, special forces were involved in the raid. A total of six people were detained.

The cause for alarm was a report on ZDF’s Frontal 21 TV channel last week, which featured members of the Dresden Offlinevernetzung (Dresden offline network) chat who were dissatisfied with the authorities’ measures to combat the pandemic. They exchanged plans via Telegram, discussing plans to eliminate Kretschmer and other members of the state government. According to reports on Telegram, the conspirators were armed with piercing and cutting weapons and crossbows.

German politicians are concerned about the calls for violence that are spreading through Telegram, and demand that drastic measures be taken. Thus, the Minister of the Interior of Saxony Roland Weller demands that the messenger be held accountable for criminal offenses committed with its help, writes DW.

Some German citizens are extremely unhappy with the harsh “antiquated” measures that are being taken not only in Saxony, but throughout the country. This applies both to decisions on compulsory vaccination of especially vulnerable to a pandemic and important for society groups of the population (including doctors, nurses, firefighters and military personnel), and the introduction of “covid passports” necessary for crossing borders, visiting catering, entertainment places and other institutions.

Source: Rosbalt

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