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Nature against soccer players. Unusual pictures from a Spanish league game [WIDEO]

The meeting was not a very interesting spectacle. It ended with the score 0-0, and the players of both teams had huge problems with playing football all the time due to the storm on Friday in the Balearic Islands in the western part of the Mediterranean Sea.

The wind played a trick on the players in the La Liga match. “It’s impossible to play”

“Unusual pictures in the Mallorca-Celta match. It blows so hard in the Balearic Islands that it is impossible to play. The ball twists in the air and takes an unusual trajectory” – noted on Twitter Eleven Sports journalist, Piotr Dumanowski.

The force of the wind was so strong that the players had problems with playing the action. In addition, they couldn’t take a corner and the goalkeepers had trouble kicking the ball out of their own penalty area, as can be seen below. As if that were not enough, the gusts of wind made the flag mounted in the corner of the pitch toss in all directions.

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After a 0-0 draw, Mallorca is 12th with 20 points after 17 games and Celta is one position lower with three points behind. In the next series of games, Mallorca will play away against Granada, while Celta will face Espanyol at home.

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