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NBC: US ​​postpones delivery of military aid to Ukraine for “diplomacy”

The administration of US President Joe Biden has postponed the sending of a $ 200 million military aid package to Ukraine, NBC reports citing its sources.

According to the TV channel, the allocation of this aid package should have been officially announced last week, but the White House decided to postpone the final decision, Interfax reports.

According to NBC, the White House wants to “give more time to diplomatic efforts to defuse tensions” in the situation on the Ukrainian-Russian border.

Earlier, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby promised that the United States will continue to look for opportunities to assist Ukraine in strengthening its defense potential, reminds

Later, Kirby pointed out at a briefing that Russia continues to build up its military presence near the borders with Ukraine, RBC emphasizes.

Meanwhile, Swedish specialist in Russian and Doctor of Military Sciences Oskar Jonsson said in an interview with the daily Aftonbladet that Russia’s hypothetical invasion of Ukraine would surpass the most impressive forecasts of the Ukrainian military. He counted 100 Russian battalions ready to invade Ukraine.

We add that over the past month, the world media has filled the topic of the alleged Russian invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions that should follow. According to the authors and experts of these publications, a sign of an “invasion” is the concentration of Russian military equipment in the regions bordering on Ukraine.

Source: Rosbalt

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