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The Master Chief is back and the Xbox Series X has its gem. Hello Infinite [RECENZJA]

Originally, Halo Infinite was supposed to debut at the end of 2020, with the premiere of the Xbox Series X console. Ultimately, Microsoft and studio 343 responsible for the game withdrew from this idea, which was largely due to the negative reaction of players to the presented fragments of the game.

So we waited several months longer for the new Halo. Is a new version of adventures Master Chiefa was she worth it? Definitely yes. Already shared a few weeks ago multiplayer mode gave hope that 343 Industries made good use of this extra time, and the single-player campaign that is the subject of the review below only confirmed that.

Halo Infinite immediately throws us into the middle of a nice intergalactic brawl. Although our favorite Spartanin he ultimately survived the events of the previous installment of the game, but the world around him is not doing very well today, and in fact it is not at all.

Halo Infinite Microsoft

Humanity has lost the war for the ring Zeta Halo, a The exiles under cruel rule escharuma they may be interested soon conquest Earth. The Master Chief cannot allow this to happen and will do whatever it takes to save humanity from the inevitable extinction. To this end, he goes to the Zeta Halo and almost alone begins his own crusade against the hordes of Exiles.

Infinite is dripping with gameplay. Getting around Master Chiefem – something that in Shakespeare’s language is called a beautiful-sounding noun traversal makes an incredible fun. It has undoubtedly an influence on it new the gadget in the hands of the Chief, i.e. rope with a hook. We use it to quickly move between locations, but also to attract weapons or suddenly attack the enemy. It is surprising that the creators of the series did not come up with this idea earlier.

Thanks to the line, Master Chief is faster and smarter, which in turn makes the fight itself much more dynamic and spectacular. Traditionally, we will get an extensive arsenal of weapons. They range from fancy alien guns to more classic equipment Marines. Importantly, each weapon is unique in its own way – it has specific statistics and its advantages and disadvantages. This requires a much more tactical approach to individual clashes with opponents.

Halo InfiniteHalo Infinite Microsoft

For the first time, the developers of the game put on open world. The closed levels have been replaced with the extensive Zeta Halo map, which we can move on in a completely non-linear way – also at the controls of driving and flying vehicles, of which we can find quite a lot in Halo Infinite.

Transition to the model sandboksa the game turned out for good. Although the side activities are quite repetitive (and where are they not?), The mere possibility of admiring, exploring and discovering the secrets of the Halo Infinite world on your own terms is a lot of fun and satisfaction.

This impression is enhanced by the insane graphic design. Considering what studio 343 showed us a year ago, it’s hard to believe that it’s still the same production. Beautiful landscapes, perfectly realized cut-scenes, play of light and shadow, character models – all these are a real feast for the eyes.

Halo InfiniteHalo Infinite Microsoft

As with other Xbox Series X games, there are two graphics modes to choose from – quality and performance. If you want to visually squeeze the best out of this game, I definitely recommend playing in Quality mode, even at the cost of a worse frame rate. On the other hand, I am irritated by the fact that despite the arrival of the new generation of consoles, we are still doomed to compromise when it comes to graphics – this should definitely not be the case.

The audio layer looks even better. The Halo series has already got us used to monumental and soundtracks, but Infinite climbs to new heights here. Gareth Coker, responsible for the music, took the known motifs from previous editions to the workshop and made them something special.

Halo InfiniteHalo Infinite Microsoft

My only complaint about the 343 Industries game is that it is not very accessible to peoplewhich so far have not had to do with the series. I mean, first of all, a rather hermetic story, because the gameplay defends itself in every field. The creators often wink at us, refer to previous editions, there are even flashbacks that will bring a smile to the lips of fans of the Halo universe, but will not be of much value to other players.

Nevertheless, I believe that Halo Infinite is worth giving a chance, even if we have not been fans of the series so far. Especially that the title is available on the Game Pass service and you can play it for literally PLN 4. In this case, stating that this is a game worth every penny spent takes on a new meaning.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

Source: Gazeta

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