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Experts spoke about the correct increase in training power

Experts spoke about the correct increase in training power

Shape experts reveal a 2:1 work-rest scheme for building muscle power

Experts from Shape magazine talked about properly increasing the power of your workouts. Recommendations are given on the publication’s website.

Experts explained that power is the ability to exert maximum effort to perform an exercise within a short period of time. By gradually increasing power, the ability to operate at 100 percent of maximum capacity improves.

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Experts said that to increase strength, you will have to train hard and regularly bring the level of muscle tension to the maximum. They explained that the ideal proportion of work and rest is 2:1 or 3:1. That is, the exercise is performed with maximum effort for 20 seconds, then recovers for 10 seconds. To increase power in a specific muscle group, according to experts, you can perform training using the AMRAP system – As many rounds as possible (as many rounds as possible – approx. “”). In this case, you need to do as many repetitions of the movement as possible over a certain period of time.

Earlier, fitness expert Egor Khodyrev spoke about the method of drop sets for saving time in training. He explained that drop sets are a training method in which exercises are performed with weights and the weight is dropped when muscle failure is reached.

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