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Attack on Agnieszka Holland at the bus stop.  Someone is distributing offensive stickers

Attack on Agnieszka Holland at the bus stop. Someone is distributing offensive stickers

“The Green Border” is the most watched Polish film in cinemas this year, but the production and director are still targets of attacks by haters. As reported by “Super Express”, the campaign also began to spread beyond the Internet. At one of the bus stops in Warsaw, someone decided to place an offensive image of Agnieszka Holland.

“The Green Border” presents the problem of the refugee crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border from three perspectives – refugees, Polish activists and border guards. The film had its international premiere at the Venice Film Festival, where the director of the production was awarded the Special Jury Prize. This, however, did not impress the Polish politicians of the ruling camp, who decided to wage a campaign against the film and the director.

Hateful words towards Agnieszka Holland at the bus stop

Representatives of the United Right, including President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, made scandalous comments about the film, calling it “anti-Polish”, although, as they said, they had not seen it and did not intend to do so. Like other critics of the production, they claim that the production puts Polish border guards and soldiers in a bad light.

So far, constant attacks on the director have been present on various social media and on the Filmweb website, where internet trolls gave the production the lowest rating before it was shown in Polish cinemas. It turns out that the haters decided to go further and launched a hate campaign on the streets of Warsaw.

As “” writes, an image of the director was pasted at a bus stop on Warsaw’s Trasa Siekierkowska, with a very offensive slogan written next to it. A photo from the scene of the incident was leaked online, showing that it is the “Ogrody Działkowe Czerniaków 02” stop. However, the identity of the person who did it is unknown.

Unfortunately, due to the content of the text, we decided not to publish it. We can only say that the signature referred to the Holocaust, reports the tabloid.

Source: Gazeta

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