Unforgettable day when I graduated as a lawyer. It was 34 years ago. And because of the fact itself and because I gave a graduation speech. In order to practice law, I had to enroll in the Guayas Bar Association. Years passed and there were occasions when such an institution made a lot of noise due to internal election problems. I remember that not so long ago the conflicts led to the proposal of some protection action. Otherwise, it is no longer mandatory to become a member of the Bar Association in order to practice the profession. Therefore, bar associations must strive to provide good service in order to retain their members.

In this context, it seemed only fair to acknowledge the efforts and good service of the Guayas Bar Association. Indeed, academic work through countless events, mostly free, for the benefit of its members is very visible. I receive information about seminars, graduate courses, practical courses on trial studies, contracts with universities, with institutions that provide services, etc. All this in abundant levels. I gave an unusual speech myself. The frontal and persistent struggle for the improvement of the public service of the judiciary, which certainly has obvious shortcomings, is extremely prominent. Good work is also done in the institution’s club. This success, of course, is not the product of one person, but of a team dedicated to service, working committees, delegates for certain topics, etc.

(…) we can contribute to the spread of noble deeds and thus contribute to the spread of the small pleasure of living.

I do not know the institutional life of other bar associations in the country. I hope it goes well for you. In any case, I can comment on the excellent work and defense of lawyers carried out by the president of the Guayas Bar Association, Jorge Y├ínez Barrera, and his team. Ecuador is going through hard times; institutional crises appear everywhere; The credibility of the multiple selection process has been in doubt for some time; Public finances are going through bad times. In this context, the mentioned work stands out. This attitude of progress and service should be emulated by other institutions. We live complaining about problems, but we don’t give space to recognizing good work. There is a quiet leadership, a real civility that many people actually live; There are touching volunteers: there are those who sing to children with cancer to make them smile. There is still a lot of nobility in the world that needs to be made visible. We who have the opportunity to write in the press can contribute to the spread of noble actions and thus help to spread a little joy of living.

Just as there are noble actions, there are also visible atrocities, such as the inclusion of absurd questions in the controller competition, or the security guards placed under traffic lights that contradict the lights themselves, creating chaos and outrage, as on Avenida del Bombero in Guayaquil, at the height of Megamaxi . (OR)