Luis Zubeldía, coach of Liga de Quito, commented that he supports the Pro League’s official request that the Ecuadorian Football Association and the National Refereeing Commission release audio recordings of the conversations conducted by the staff in charge of the video arbitration system (VAR). . ) with referees in charge of Serie A tournament matches.

“A question that we consider of great importance for fair play, transparency and trust in the use of VAR. We are particularly interested in the clarity and availability of audio recordings related to decisions made through VAR,” said the Argentine coach after his club’s 1-0 defeat against Barcelona SC at the Monumental Banco Pichincha Stadium.

Zubeldía commented that he has “an opinion and sometimes they criticize me. “I didn’t want VAR, not because it doesn’t seem like the right tool, it seems like the right tool, but I think it’s the patches.”

“Now, in South America I see it, we’re not just looking for VAR anymore, we’re looking for audio and so we’ll continue to grow looking for patches to justify things,” he said.

For the best possible preparation of referees, Gaucho’s coach emphasized that they must be provided with better “nutrition, physical preparation, training fields, the first level of preparation and the entire structure, such as football players train from Monday to Saturday, have nutritionists, physiotherapists and from there they go to play. “

“Sometimes we ask the referees for the best performance, but they don’t train at all, that’s what I strive for. Afterwards, VAR helps, audio helps, but let’s prioritize the root,” the coach concluded his intervention on this topic. (D)