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Russian Paralympic champion accused coach of humiliation

Russian Paralympic champion accused coach of humiliation

World medalist in Paralympic cycling Galkina accused her coach of humiliation

Russian European Paralympic cycling champion Elena Galkina accused her former coach of humiliation. Her words are quoted by RIA Novosti.

“I tolerated him because in the boarding school I was used to humiliation and beating. It seemed to me that if I was from a boarding school, then you could wipe your feet on me. Because we are not needed in this life,” said the athlete. Galkina refused to reveal his name and emphasized that she respected him.

At the moment, the athlete is training under the guidance of Alexander Lagutin. She won the European Championships in 2019. At the 2021 World Championships, the Russian woman became a silver and bronze medalist.

On September 7, the President of the Russian Paralympic Committee, Pavel Rozhkov, announced that the International Paralympic Committee wanted to permanently suspend Russia’s membership. He claims that the organization plans to avoid a repeat of last year’s situation, in which Moscow, through a sports tribunal, achieved its restoration of its rights after the suspension of membership in the fall.

Source: Lenta

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