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Named killing progress in sports reasons

Named killing progress in sports reasons called the lack of breaks and recovery mistakes when playing sports journalists named the reasons that kill progress in sports. The material is available on the publication’s website.

The first mistake was the lack of progress. To get more results, you need to learn how to cope with a large volume of training and make training more difficult. Also, you can not practice without interruptions. In addition, you do not need to separate training days for each muscle group.

The next mistake was the lack of restorative procedures, such as massages and trips to the bath. The authors of the publication called the use of the pyramid for training the last reason. According to them, exercising to failure for 15 repetitions puts the nervous system out of action.

Earlier, fitness trainer Mikhail Prygunov revealed mistakes when doing exercises for the press. The expert said that the most common mistake in training the press is arching the lower back forward.

Source: Lenta

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