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His wedding vow caused a storm on the Internet.  “If I were the bride, I would run away from the altar”

His wedding vow caused a storm on the Internet. “If I were the bride, I would run away from the altar”

One groom caused a storm online when a wedding photographer posted a snippet of it on TikTok. Michael addressed his future wife in controversial words, which the Internet user did not like. “He insulted her on the wedding day in front of her family and friends.”

Michael and Destiny decided to get married, and a short video of the ceremony was shared on tiktok by their photographer. The video material shows a fragment of the groom’s oath, which caused quite a stir. In the comments section on TikTok, you can find many statements of surprised and disgusted users of the platform.

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He swore a shocking oath to his future wife. He did it in front of his family and friends

A wedding photographer shared a recording of one of the ceremonies he captured. Before it began, he asked the groom what he would like to say to his future wife. “I hope we’re going to have a lot of sex,” the man replied, which is related to the unusual vow he made moments later. It started inconspicuously, but the groom began to say something that arouses a lot of emotions. – It really only takes two things to make me happy. Full belly and empty genitals. Even though you’re amazing at one of those two things, we need to give you some cooking lessons.

After his words, some guests reacted with laughter, while others did not hide their shock. The bride, on the other hand, was simply amused by the whole situation. In a moment, however, her future husband added a few words. “Remember that even if my stomach is empty, I couldn’t love anyone more than you.” Well, unless I had a real chance of meeting Margot Robbie,” Michael said.

The controversial wedding vow caused a storm. The bride doesn’t mind

Internet users did not remain indifferent to Michael’s oath. The video has been viewed over 21 million times, and in the comments section you can find as many as 48,000 opinions shared by users of the platform. They did not hide that they were disgusted that the man said such words to his future wife in front of the whole family and friends.

If I were the bride, I’d run from the altar…

Girl, if a guy says that, run!

He insulted her on her wedding day in front of her family and friends. If I were her, I’d leave halfway through that oath.

I waited for him to finally say ‘now let’s talk seriously’, but nothing happened.

It’s humiliating.

The material became extremely popular on , which is why the bride herself decided to refer to it. The woman admitted that she is happily married and is not sorry about Michael’s vow. She also added that it was the most beautiful day of her life, so she decided to calm down the indignant Internet users. Destiny said that her husband just has such a sense of humor and they love it and expected this turn of events. “I’ve known him since 2010, he’s always been like that.”

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