The National Directorate of Drug Control of the Dominican Republic (DNCDRD) has announced that anti-narcotics agents have been seized more than two tons of cocaine from Ecuador hidden in a shipment of bananas with the final destination of the city of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, authorities reported on Saturday.

“During an operation at the Caucedo terminal, which lasted just over ten hours, authorities seized 2,188 packages, probably cocaine”, spokesmen for the management reported on Saturday.

Each package has a weight equal to one kilogram, which amounts to more than 2 tons of drugs. It is believed to be the largest seizure to date on the Caribbean island, with more than five tons of drugs seized so far in 2023.

The seizure was accomplished by a “joint operation” organized after intelligence work at the port terminal of Caucedo, located in the municipality of Boca Chica, in the province of Santo Domingo, about 25 kilometers from the Dominican capital, the agency reports. ep.

In the presence of a prosecutor, a refrigerator-like container was opened, shipped with a load of bananaswhere hundreds of cardboard boxes were found” containing cocaine, the DNCDRD reports in a press release.

The container “arrived in the country from Ecuador” and had “Rotterdam, the Netherlands as final destination”.

In a similar modus operandi, the Norwegian police filed a report on March 30 the seizure of about 800 kg of cocaine in Oslo hidden in a shipment of bananas.