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Lointek Gernika remains six points behind the surprise, but is defeated by Avenida (53-59)

Lointek Gernika remains six points behind the surprise, but is defeated by Avenida (53-59)

Lointek Gernika remains six points behind the surprise, but is defeated by Avenida (53-59)

Euskaraz irakurri: Lointek Gernika ezustekotik sei puntura geratu da, baina porrota jaso du Avenidaren aurka (53-59)

He Lointek Gernika Bizkaia lost the Copa de la Reina semifinal match against Perfumerías Avenida (53-59)staying one step away from the final and eliminated from the competition. The Biscayans were on the verge of achieving an epic comeback in the last quarter, but it couldn’t be and they said goodbye to the competition.

The first point for the Basques came from a free kick, which took more prominence than it should in the first quarter. By then they had already missed a few shots, and it is that neither of the two teams has been successful in front of the basket. The result of this has been that in the first five minutes they have only achieved seven points. Even so, Avenida has led the game with a small advantage to close the first half (7-13).

The second quarter has taken on another color and the baskets have once again been the protagonists. The defending champions have shown their desire to revalidate the title and have gone one step ahead of those from Gernika who, despite offsetting the rival’s points, were unable to reduce the gap on the scoreboard due to their defensive failures. They went to rest with those from Salamanca ahead (24-37).

Lointek Gernika came back strong from the locker room and theirs were the first baskets with a 7-0 run, but it didn’t take long for their rivals to take over the reins of the game again to widen the advantage based on three-pointers. Some good last minutes for Avenida have helped them go into the last quarter with a safe lead of 15 points (38-53).

The players led by Anna Montañana have not given up and have fought to the end. They have even reduced the gap on the scoreboard, dominating the game in the last minutes to get within three points of the rivals (52-55) with a 15-2 runputting fear and pressure on Avenida’s body.

But in the end they lacked time to surprise and they have been defeated (53-59). Thus, the final of the Queen’s Cup will be played by Perfumeries Avenida and Casademont Zaragozathe latter after defeating Valencia 59-74 in the other semifinal.

Data sheet

53 – Lointek Gernika Bizkaia (7+17+14+15): Ygueravide (11), Buch (3), Spreafico (9), Meskonyte (-), Da Silva (5) -starting five- Wojta (7), Cvitkovic (16), Williams (-) and Ariztimuño (2).

59 – Avenida Perfumery (13+24+16+6): Maite Cazorla (4), Vilaró (8), Carleton (8), Onyenwere (8), Reisingerova (4) -starting five- Leo Rodríguez (9), Silvia Domínguez (-), Gulbe (-), Nogic (5 ), Prince (6) and Fasoula (7).

referees: Francisco Zafra, Daniel Checa and María Angeles García. They excluded Reisingerova (m.37) for personal reasons.

Source: Eitb

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