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Baskonia prevails in the derby against Bilbao Basket (100-78)

Baskonia prevails in the derby against Bilbao Basket (100-78)

Baskonia prevails in the derby against Bilbao Basket (100-78)

Euskaraz irakurri: Baskonia, nagusi Bilbao Basketen aurkako derbian (100-78)

Cazoo Baskonia commanded this Sunday in the Basque derby against Surne Bilbao Basket with a comfortable 100-78 victory, which began to take shape from the beginning of a serious match for the Vitoria-based team, against a Bilbao Basket that suffered its offensive slumps on the twenty-fourth day of the Endesa League.

The duel started with a lot of rhythm. markus Howard capitalized on the Barça points with nine in five minutes, while the people from Bilbao relied on their foreign partner made up of Adam Smith and ludde hakanson.

But it was Maik kotsar the one who made a difference in the paint, with more intensity and aggressiveness than his peers to rebound and make baskets.

those of james ponsarnau suffered one on one and the pairs of Adam Smith They punished him on the rebound. tsalmpouris It gave the Bilbao game more versatility, but Baskonia maintained their scoring rhythm to go ahead with a 24-17 score.

The Barcelona bench He brought more freshness even to the game of the people of Vitoria and although the Men in black endured the first blow in a new local arreón, two local triples and an imperial Maik kotsar they opened a gap

The reentry of Ludde Hakanson and Adam Smith No arrangement the issues offensive of the Biscayan people who lived in their flesh the boiling of Markus Howard before the break (51-27).

Going through changing rooms made the people of Bilbao feel better who straightened the course with a partial 2-11. those of ponsarnau improved their offensive performance, but found themselves with markus Howard and Maik kotsarwho also maintained their level in the second half to rectify the bad Baskonista start in the third act.

From there, rents moved again above 20 points and they entered the last round with a 78-52 in favor of the azulgranas, after a triple by Vanja Marinkovic.

Francis Alonso and Georgios Tsalmpouris sought to return to the game from the outside launchbut it was already late. With the match decided, the last period served to confirm the triumph of Baskonia that fought to maintain the income against a Bilbao Basket that did not get carried away.

The signature of the 100-78 final, was put by the youth squad pavel savikov, who debuted as a baskonista with a triple and Sander Raieste with a spectacular dunk with a free kick.

Data sheet:

100 – Cazoo Baskonia: Heidegger (3), Howard (20), Raieste (-), Enoch (16) and Kotsar (15) -starting five-; Thompson (2), Giedriaitis (12), Marinkovic (12), Costello (11), Savkov (3) and Kurucs (5).

78 – Surne Bilbao Basket: Hakanson (4), Adam Smith (16), Rabaseda (4), Sulejmanovic (7) and Kyser (2) -starting five-, Francis Alonso (18), Radicevic (3), Reyes (2), Anderson (4) , Ubal (2), Rosa (2) and Tsalmpouris (14).

Referees: Emilio Pérez Pizarro, Luis Miguel Castillo and Roberto Lucas. No deleted.

Source: Eitb

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