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The expert called five benefits of training in the gym

The expert called five benefits of training in the gym

Expert Karpov called the atmosphere and consistency the advantages of training in the gym

Fitness trainer Alexander Karpov named five benefits of exercising in the gym. His words are quoted by Sport-Express.

The expert noted that in the hall a person finds himself in an environment of motivated people focused on results, and this atmosphere inspires. Also in the gym, all attention is focused on training and there is no way to be distracted by household chores. Karpov added that the equipment of the halls allows using a variety of simulators, as well as not disturbing the neighbors with the noise of intensive exercises.

Karpov also called consistency one of the main advantages of training in the gym. “In my experience, clients drop out of training and take a break, exercising both at home and in the gym. But there are definitely more distractions at home,” he said.

In addition, Karpov noted the benefits of monitoring exercise performance by a specialist. “The factor of having a coach definitely makes a difference, especially for beginners. If you have no training experience, I would recommend that you first work out the exercise technique in person with a trainer in the gym and draw up a training plan, ”he explained.

Earlier, fitness trainer Mikhail Prygunov revealed mistakes when doing exercises for the press. The expert said that the most common mistake in training the press is arching the lower back forward.

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