michael pincay returned from his trip to Europe and wants to share secrets for good with his followers Eurotrip. A woman from Guayaquil likes to travel the world, from time to time she goes on a trip, as shown by her social networks, which are full of photos with international monuments. This month of March, the television presenter walked across the European continent, and her followers want to know everything about this adventure.

In the question and answer box, they left him the following question: how you can do the same tour What have you done to Europe? artist of From house to househe decided to give extensive advice in his stories showing that he went to some places, among these: Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Sablet and Éze, within what is France, and then he went down to visit some places and cities in Italy.

The tour she led began on the French Riviera, where she was transported by car from one place to another. In general, these southern cities are very close to each other and can be reached by bus or train at a low cost. “Italy is one hour from Cannes, and if you go further than Portofino, Cinque Terre or Rapallo, it’s four hours,” he said.

Meet the new tattoo Michela Pincay got amid rumors of a new relationship while traveling in Europe

Comfort prevailed during his vacation, which he took just over two weeks ago. He stayed in spa hotels at the foot of the beach and shared photos of foreign cuisine.

He also commented that “transportation there is super cheap, it’s not like here where they charge $200 to fly to Quito. Well, for 20 euros you can be somewhere else right away, fast”. His love of travel is represented in his latest tattoo, an icon of the planet Earth next to an airplane symbolizing “world travel.” (AND)

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