“We have not met, nothing has been resolved and suddenly, from moment to moment, a publication is published (about the formation of the Organizing Committee of the Bolivarian Games in 20025, which will be held in Guayaquil). We are asking for an urgent meeting of the Executive Committee to show us the minutes because the members are being asked about the publication and nobody knows anything,” Julio Ramírez Mora, a member of the COE, protested on Thursday.

“Jorge Delgado, the president of the COE, does not even answer my calls politely,” complains the leader

This newspaper had access to a copy of the minutes of the meeting of the Executive Board of the COE, December 28, 2022, where the name of Ramírez Mora appears among those present, who, according to the document, were: Jorge Delgado Panchana, Rubén Navia Loor, Manuel Bravo Calderón, John Zambrano Haboud, Miguel Nácer Chavarría, Lorena Arroyo, Paúl Calle, Francisco Carvallo, Julio Ramírez Mora, Alfredo Egüez, David Farinango and Adriana Espinosa de los Monteros.

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The fourth point of the day brought the members of the COE Executive Committee to “discussion and resolution on the formation of the Organizing Committee of the Guayaquil 2025 Bolivarian Games”. It was subsequently approved “that President (Jorge) Delgado has the authority and support of the Executive Committee to establish the Guayaquil 2025 Organizing Committee.” According to the version of the source from the COE, provided to EL UNIVERSE, “this act was read and approved at the last session” of the Olympic Committee.

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what was agreed

However, Ramírez Mora said on the website Ecuadorian sports, after learning how the organized committee was composed, that “we agreed that a point of view would be presented to us to analyze the matter as an Executive Committee, but the resolution that was published was not approved by the COE Executive Committee. It worries me because these are very important resolutions and in the legislation of this country, a criminal offense can be committed by an act and an omission”.

In the minutes of the session attended by Ramírez Mora, it is stated that “the president (COE) indicates that work has been done on the formation of the Organizing Committee for the 2025 Games, but that it is difficult to do so when we still do not have an approved budget. For this reason, a second letter was sent President (of the Republic Guillermo) Lasso and we are waiting for his statement.”

In addition, in the same point, the minutes state that “the statement of the president of Odeb, Baltazar Medina, dated December 19, 2022, is read, in which it is stated that the approval of the budget is not required from the organizers of the Committee because it does not create any costs because it honor fees.

In addition, “Vice President Manuel Bravo asks if the Odebo regulation obliges us in any way. The corresponding rulebook is read by the main secretariat, which states that the National Olympic Committee is responsible for the formation of the Organizing Committee”.

Organizational committee

Last Tuesday, the COE reported that “The Organizing Committee for the Guayaquil 2025 Bolivarian Games has already been formed and consists of the President of the COE, the Secretary General of the Organization, the Minister of Sports, the Prefect of Guayas, the Mayor of Guayaquil (both officials will assume their duties on May 14), the Mayor of the Samborondóna, representative of athletes, representative of the business sector.

The statement added that “COE, as the body responsible for the pre-Odebo competition, continues to wait for the national government to send a letter of consent stating the budget that the state commits to the organization of this major international multi-event sport”.

The organization led by Delgado recalled in its newsletter that according to Article 51, Chapter Ten, Odebo Regulations, “The Olympic Committee of the host city (in this case Ecuadorian) will appoint an Organizing Committee with the number of members you deem necessary. (…) It must chaired by the president whose appointment must be approved by the Executive Board of Odeb”.

The government does not support

Meanwhile, in an interview with EL UNIVERSO, John Zambrano said that the COE has not yet received the written approval by which Guillermo Lasso, the President of the Republic, guarantees the budget for the realization of Bolivarian in Guayaquil in 2025.

According to the Ministry of Sports, the tournament can be held with 24 million dollars, but a group of international experts – specialists in multi-sport tournaments – hired by the COE came to the conclusion that it is more than twice the amount of the estimated state portfolio. needed. : 51 million dollars. The delivery of the first quantity is not yet ensured. (D)