The “fleeting love” that Guayaquil artist Shalom Mendieta sings in her new single, For a momentIt’s not one that ended on a stormy note, because of infidelity or fights. It is a “short-lived and passionate” relationship, which has not reached more due to simple living circumstances.

In the video, released today, Mendieta didn’t want to reflect a toxic couple: Her intent with the song was also to reflect the peace that is possible after a breakup.

Shalom Mendieta Now Sings To Heartbreak In His New Single “Don’t Laugh Without Me”

For a momentwhich debuted today on the platforms of stream Spotify, Deezer and iTunes is the sixth single from the 25-year-old Ecuadorian singer-songwriter. Although he originally didn’t write it with anyone in mind, he later thought he wrote it for his “future self” because something similar to the story the song and video tell happened to him in his personal life.

“I was working on this song a few months ago and I was in a moment of transition from this fleeting love, and I felt it so bad. I heard it and it hurt me,” said the singer. “A lot of the concept revolves around the word say goodbyewhich means a kind of happy nostalgia in Portuguese”.

The song, he continues, tells something sad, but which ended peacefully, and many of the scenes recreated in the video “happened in real life”. The video was shot in Punta Blanca, Santa Elena province, under the direction of Carlett Decker.

The theme, besides being a topic about which it is “fashionable” to write, the artist indicates, is an attempt to connect to a common experience based on a personal one. “I think having a relationship like that happened to everyone, it got out of hand and it wasn’t possible,” he said.

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It is the first song of Mendieta’s career to fall within the bolero chachachá genre, although it follows the line of the “sonority and concept of Shalom”, the singer clarifies. Her first album, which will follow the same “musical concept” that has characterized the singer-songwriter’s career to date, is in the final stages of production. He hopes to launch it by the middle of this year.

Although her first album has not yet been released, the short career of the singer from Guayaquil has taken her to important stages: she was part of the opening of Fanny Lu and Anuel’s concert in Quito in December 2022, and she also sang in the Wanka Beats festival. , for about 4500 people.

Not considered participating reality international, such as the artist Mar Rendón, who came third in the singing competition of the program broadcast by the Mexican television channel Aztec one. “In this kind of reality show, you join other artists’ interpretations, not your unpublished music… I’ve sung songs by other artists, but it’s about my facet as a composer.”

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“Everything Mar has done seems incredible to me, it has taken him to a huge podium,” he added.

However, he recognized that international competitions such as Viña del Mar would be a good opportunity for his career. “Viña del Mar seems incredible to me. I don’t know if now is the time to do it, but it would be incredible.”