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A decapitated person appears hanging on the pedestrian bridge of La Troncal;  the Police links the case to a matter of gangs and drugs

A decapitated person appears hanging on the pedestrian bridge of La Troncal; the Police links the case to a matter of gangs and drugs

In a similar way to what happened weeks ago in Durán, a murdered man was found hanging from a pedestrian bridge in La Troncal, in Cañar.

The discovery occurred early this Tuesday, March 15, in the sector of the Unidos Venceremos neighborhood.

The body was hanging on the pedestrian bridge that connects to the land terminal that is under construction.

The man had had his head cut off and hung from the structure. His head was found on the road, as confirmed by a journalist from a local channel contacted by this newspaper.

Corpses hanging from a bridge in Durán: does the Mexican drug trafficker-style message imply an escalation of violence?

Apparently, the body was dragged – because of the drag marks and drops of blood throughout its journey – to the bridge.

The finding has amazed residents of the area, who found this novelty that had not been seen there before.

The modality in which the body was found is similar to the style of operation of the Mexican cartels.

After 11:00 this Tuesday, the Police identified the man as Cristian Eduardo MG, 36, and was from La Troncal. According to the Police of that canton, the citizen had processes and records for theft and illicit drug trafficking.

On February 21, Cristian Eduardo MG, had been arrested in an anti-narcotics operation for carrying weapons and substances subject to control, but was released at the hearing. A judge gave him precautionary measures, said Mauricio León, Police Chief of the La Troncal District.

So far this year, 11 violent deaths have been recorded in the canton of La Troncal.

Police personnel from Guayas and Cañar have traveled to that canton to begin investigations. Searches are being carried out to obtain clues from the alleged perpetrators.

The police chief indicated that this is the result of a dispute over territory and the sale of controlled substances. Therefore, the thesis that this death may be linked to an adjustment within the same organization to which the murdered subject belonged is handled.

The prosecutor of the province of Cañar, Jorge Vélez, referred that the cause would have been a “settling of scores and marking territory.”

Vélez also confirmed that alias Peterete He had several criminal records, abbreviated procedures and sentences served in prison for crimes related to the sale and distribution of drugs, as well as possession of firearms.

The prosecutor recalled that due to its geographical proximity to the province of Guayas, La Troncal is a place where some criminal organizations operate for the sale and distribution of drugs.

Two men were found hanging on the Duran pedestrian bridge

After this situation, in the La Troncal canton, the security table was activated to take action and analyze the situation. “We are working, we know that the commotion is not only in the canton,” said the police chief.

In the early hours of Monday, February 14, the residents of the neighboring Durán canton woke up to a disturbing scene: two men hanging from a pedestrian bridge at the entrance to the city, in the heart of the downtown area.

The find was made before dawn. Residents who circulated in the sector of Nicolás Lapentti Avenue gave the alert when they saw the two suspended bodies. They were handcuffed, hanging from a rope at one end of the structure. (I)

Source: Eluniverso

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