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Consternation in Esmeraldas for the murder of Álex Quiñónez

Consternation in Esmeraldas for the murder of Álex Quiñónez

Relatives of the sprinter Álex Quiñónez will travel from Esmeraldas to Guayaquil to recognize the body after his murder this Friday night.

The Zonal 1 coordinator of the Ministry of Sports, Nicole Estupiñán and friends, arrived at the athlete’s house in the Smerladean capital.

The sports authority said that the mobilization of relatives to the main port was being coordinated. As well as the transfer of the body of Álex Quiñónez to bury it in one of the cemeteries of Esmeraldas.

The sprinter’s relatives did not comment on the event, only a few neighbors who knew him as a quiet person.

Police review videos captured to find the whereabouts of murderers of sprinter Álex Quiñónez

The athlete lived with his family in the Emerald capital. The Sports Ministry gave him a home after he competed alongside world athletics stars Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake in the 200-meter dash in 2012.

The sprinter was known in the Las Guacharacas sector, a neighborhood in the southwest of Esmeraldas.

Álex Quiñónez, an Ecuadorian Olympic sprinter, was shot dead in the northwest of Guayaquil

In social networks there were messages of solidarity by authorities and personalities of Esmeraldas who knew the athlete. “Rest in peace, former student of the former José Basurto Mendoza University Annex school. I will always remember you, from that great school great athletes were born in this new millennium, such as Frixon Erazo (Footballer), Marisol Landázuri and Alex Quiñónez (+) ”, wrote Benjamin Abata, former teacher of this educational unit.

“Regrettable news, peace in his grave and strength to the relatives of Álex Quiñonez,” said Councilor Janeth Bustos.

Rina Campain, an assembly member for the CREO movement, regretted the event. “I send my condolences to his family and friends, at this time of deep pain. May he rest in peace ”, he posted. (I)

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