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Police review videos captured to find the whereabouts of murderers of sprinter Álex Quiñónez

Police review videos captured to find the whereabouts of murderers of sprinter Álex Quiñónez

An initial verification carried out by the Nueva Prosperina district police indicates that the Ecuadorian sprinter Álex Quiñónez was talking when he was killed Friday night in the Colinas de la Florida sector, in the northwest of Guayaquil.

Along with Quiñónez, another person was assassinated. He was identified as Christopher Arcalla Ramírez.

Álex Quiñónez, an Ecuadorian Olympic sprinter, was shot dead in the northwest of Guayaquil

The police compiled available videos that were found in the sector in order to identify the killers. “The videos from the cameras have been taken by special units in order to verify and have more clarity of the facts,” said Geovanny Naranjo, head of the Florida District.

According to the first data, the murderers mobilized in a vehicle. Versions of residents of the sector refer that this crime was registered around 9:00 p.m.

The police indicated that the victims, who were left lying on the sidewalk, were shot several times in the head. More than 10 ballistic evidence was raised at the site.

Units of the Nueva Prosperina district carried out several operations to collect information and find suspects.

We lost the best sprinter in our country, says the Sports Minister upon learning of the murder of Álex Quiñónez

Neighbors’ versions indicate that the murderers shot one of the people. The other tried to run, but was also shot.

Roberto Ibáñez, president of the Guayas Provincial Sports Federation (Fedeguayas), was one of the first to publicly confirm the murder of Quiñónez.

“My heart is totally shattered, I can’t find words to describe the emptiness I feel. I cannot believe it until when we are going to continue living so much evil and insecurity. Rest in peace dear Alex, I’m going to miss you all my life, ”Ibáñez published on his Twitter account.

The Ministry of Sports of Ecuador also referred to the event. “Today we lost a great athlete, a person who made us dream, who made us excited,” published this State portfolio.

Quiñónez represented Ecuador at the London 2012 Olympic Games, where he was a finalist in the 200-meter athletics event. He also won the bronze medal at the 2019 World Cup in Doha (Qatar).

The athlete was listed as “the best sprinter in the history of Ecuador” by the Ministry of Sports. (I)

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