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Drones, explosives and ammunition found in a residential area, located on the road to Daule; Police presume that weapons were intended to enter the Guayaquil jail

During an operation carried out by different units of the National Police, a collection center for a criminal gang was found in a residence in a private urbanization, located on the road to Daule, about five kilometers from the Guayaquil prison complex.

In the intervention carried out at dawn on Thursday the 21st, a couple was arrested. A man and a woman had come to rent that property several months ago, according to the police proceedings.

At the site, 52 sticks of dynamite, a firearm, ammunition and several drones were found.

The Police presume that these air transport equipment served for surveillance tasks and even supply the inmates of one of the prisons in Guayaquil. “This weapon was going to be entered, through drones, to jail,” said the entity on social networks.

Equipso from the Special Operations Group (GOE), Directorate of Violent Deaths (Dinased), Judicial Police, among others, participated in the operation. (I)

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