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Pachakutik asks for more time to decide who will occupy the second vice-presidency of the National Assembly

The Democratic Left by vote appointed legislator Yeseña Guamaní as its candidate to replace Bella Jiménez, dismissed for corruption.

The Pachakutik bloc is not entirely convinced to support the candidacy of Yeseña Guamaní, of the Democratic Left, to replace Bella Jiménez Torres as the second vice-presidency of the National Assembly, after her dismissal for acts of corruption by offering positions in her office to money exchange.

Initially, the appointment was scheduled to take place this Thursday, October 21, but the Pachakutik sector asked for more time to analyze and assess the agreement signed with the Democratic Left last May, in which the ruling party represented in the National Agreement Bank and that made the appointment of Guadalupe Llori as president of the National Assembly feasible.

Democratic Left appoints Yeseña Guamaní for second vice president of the National Assembly

The coordinator of the Pachakutik movement, Rafael Lucero, confirmed that this Thursday there will be no appointment of the second vice president of the Legislature, and stated that there is a diversity of opinions in the movement and that they have not yet resolved whether they will put a candidacy for the vice presidency or the agreement is maintained. with the ID.

Lucero said that this issue will be resolved among the national leaders of Pachakutik, as the bloc requested that the national coordinator of the movement, Marlon Santi, meet with the national leader of the Democratic Left to evaluate the progress of the agreement and, on this, make a resolution.

However, for the coordinator of the Democratic Left bank, Alejandro Jaramillo, the agreement with Pachakutik to appoint Guamaní as second vice president is sealed, and he said that the possibility that Pachakutik appoints a candidate from his ranks will not pass. He said the agreement between the ID and Pachakutik is set in stone.

In the political conversations, the official sector of the BAN, according to the coordinator Juan Fernando Flores, said that it remains in the initial position that the ID corresponds to the position of the second vice presidency of Parliament. (I)

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