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LAB plans to work 30 hours a week and retirements at age 60

The LAB union has presented in the Basque Parliament its proposal for its own law of the Labor Code and Social Security.

The LAB union has presented this Thursday in the Basque Parliament its proposal for the construction of the Basque Framework for Labor Relations and Social Protection, in which it proposes, among other things, working 30 hours a week and retiring at 60 years of age. LAB will also take its proposal to the Parliament of Navarra.

The LAB proposal is articulated in two laws: a Labor Code for the Basque Country and a Social Security Law.

Among other aspects, LAB raises the need for interprofessional agreements to guarantee a minimum wage of 1,400 euros, establish a working week of five days and 30 hours, as well as establish measures to end temporary employment and dignify employment.

Regarding retirement, it proposes that it occurs at age 60, with a period of two previous years of “termination contract”, of 40% of the working day during the first year and 20% in the second.

He also advocates a “proper and secular” work schedule that is agreed with the representation of the workers and not unilaterally by the management.

Likewise, he considers it essential that the company and its workers have to agree on any modification of the conditions of the employment contract: working hours, salary, professional category, tasks and geographical scope, among others.

In addition, in the matter of pensions, it proposes that those of less than 1080 euros be supplemented up to the SMI, which it defends at 1,400 euros, and that it is at most equal to the maximum salary or three times the minimum pension.

In terms of occupational health and safety, LAB asks for more people in the Labor Inspectorate and more resources, and to combat poverty and social exclusion it wants the measures included in the popular initiative against poverty and social exclusion to be adopted.

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