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Young motorcyclist died in a traffic accident in the historic center of Cuenca

Witnesses indicated that the young man was speeding.

A 28-year-old motorcyclist died this Friday morning in a traffic accident on Estévez de Toral and Bolívar streets, in the center of Cuenca. He hit a taxi and then hit the pavement, witnesses to the accident said.

Agents indicated that the yellow car was hit on the hood, leaving it in very poor condition; while the black motorcycle, on the ground, with the steering wheel towards the inner part of the sidewalk. And that the driver was identified as Byron Morocho.

According to the first versions, the victim, who was dedicated to delivering orders, was the one who disrespected the traffic signal and crossed a secondary street at excessive speed.

One dead and four injured in traffic accidents reported in Cuenca

The civil traffic agent Carla Molina said that the cause of the accident was due to disrespect for the traffic signal by the motorist, who also, according to the uniformed officer, was driving distracted, because his cell phone and headphones were next to the body. After the blow, death was instant.

As for the taxi driver, it was confirmed that his papers were in order and that his health was stable, although he was emotionally shocked. He was taken on a patrol from the Mobility Company to give his version.

To show his solidarity with the taxi driver, the president of the Union of Taxi Drivers of Azuay, Eduardo Andrade, arrived, who said that, although his partner was detained, they will not leave him alone and will ask for the security videos to make it clear that It was his fault.

Rosa Maldonado, a local resident, said that accidents at this intersection are constant and they, as pedestrians, are afraid to cross. He asked the authorities to do more checks on motorcycle drivers, because they do it at full speed.

Traffic personnel carried out the control on the site to avoid congestion and that people gather at that point in the center of Cuenca. (I)

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