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The Police are looking for alias Chuqui for the death of the Dutchman who was shot on Santa Ana hill

The thief was already arrested months ago for a robbery, but was not sentenced and was free.

The criminal who shot the Dutch citizen Jacob Vogel this Wednesday in a local on Santa Ana Hill has already been identified by the National Police.

This is alias Chuqui, a resident of the area who had already been captured months ago and placed under the orders of the authorities.

According to the Police, residents of the hill know him, because he hangs around the sector.

The relatives themselves say they are tired of him, that he causes them problems, said the commander of Zone 8, General Fausto Buenaño, who also assured that two of Chuqui’s aunts have had to leave the area for fear of their nephew, since he is consumer and steals to buy the drug.

“These are people whom the police apprehend, but since they are petty thefts, they go to court and are acquitted or go out with alternative measures,” said the police chief, who calls for an urgent reform of the Comprehensive Organic Criminal Code (COIP) with more severe sanctions. powerful.

Buenaño said that criminals know that the law is made for them, not for good people. That’s why they are calm.

He added that the Prosecutor’s Office and the agents are already processing an arrest ticket to arrest Chuqui as soon as possible; and considers that, if the justice administrators had sentenced him, they would not be mourning the death of the Dutch tourist, who was accompanied by his wife in a local tourist sector.

On Wednesday night, alias Chuqui arrived there with another young man to rob customers. As Jacob Vogel stood up at the threat, he was shot in the chest.

The head of the 9 de Octubre zone said that the relief elements arrived 35 minutes after the event was reported.

Once the Dutch citizen arrived at the Luis Vernaza hospital to be treated, the doctors confirmed his death.

In these first days of January, in Zone 8, to which Guayaquil belongs, 62 violent deaths have been registered. (I)

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