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The sound of an explosion at a gas station, in the south of Quito, was produced by the accumulation of gases in its reserve tanks.

Firefighters controlled the blast and reported no injuries.

On the morning of this Wednesday, October 20, an emergency was reported in a fuel station located on Maldonado and Pusir avenues, in the San Bartolo sector, in the south of Quito. A sound similar to an explosion was heard in the area, however, it was a deflagration in fuel reservoir tanks Due to the accumulation of gases, so the lids were lifted hard.

Quito Fire Brigade (CBQ) personnel reported that there were no people injured or material damage. The Hazardous Materials Unit is at the point making measurements of combustible volatile gases.

This deflagration in the fuel reservoirs was produced by the concentration and release of vapors to the outside, reported the authorities.

The firefighters performed the cleanup work and continue with the measures until the environment is safe in the area.

Officials from the Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT) coordinate traffic at the site. In a preliminary way, it is known about the closure of a lane of Pusir street in an east-west direction.

To deal with the emergency, the CBQ had specialized units made up of 16 troops, four fire fighting vehicles and an ambulance.

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