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From Canatur, they announce a return of the perfect suspension agreed with the MEF

The president of the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur), Carlos Canales, assured that an emergency decree is being prepared, in conjunction with the Executive, to extend the perfect suspension of work until May 2022.

This announcement was made days after the head of Mincetur, Roberto Sánchez, confirmed for the newspaper La República that from a sector of the business union, including Canatur, had proposed to the Executive various labor court measures, such as the return of the perfect suspension and a new regime for practitioners.

During his presentation before the Foreign Trade and Tourism Commission of the Congress of the Republic, Canales Anchorena He said that the proposal has been received by the ministries of Economy and Finance (MEF), Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE), and Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur).

“We are working on an Emergency Decree with ministers Pedro Francke (MEF), Roberto Sánchez (Mincetur) and Betssy Chávez (MTPE) to extend the perfect suspension of work for an additional eight months. That is, May 2022 ″, remarked the head of Canatur.

This, a month after President Pedro Castillo decided to terminate the perfect suspension of work, presented in April 2020 through DU 038-2020.

“This measure might not be prudent in companies that are already fully operating, but in the tourism sector, how do we go about incorporating 800 workers in perfect suspension from a hotel, for example, that has no passengers? how you pay wages. That is why it is necessary to extend the perfect suspension of work to gradually expand the workers until there is a normal flow ”, Canales remarked.

“We have already been working on this emergency decree. We believe that it will come out this week because it is essential to avoid the bankruptcy of companies in the sector, “said the head of Canatur.


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