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Pichincha judge who is taking the case for illicit association asks Interpol to issue red notice against Sebastián Yunda

A total of eight people are investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office for an apparent illicit association that would have occurred within the Municipality of Quito.

The criminal judge of Pichincha Máximo Ortega, who is handling the case for illicit association in which Sebastián Yunda Yunda and seven more people, sent a letter to Interpol last Tuesday (International Police, for its acronym in English) so that, after the respective analysis of the request, it can locate and capture at the international level, through the corresponding red broadcast, the eldest son of the former mayor of Quito, Jorge Yunda.

On October 11, Ortega reviewed the precautionary measure for periodic presentation that he ordered against Yunda Yunda and ordered that, since there was non-compliance, what could be done is that an order of preventive detention be issued. to ensure that the defendant appears in court at the hearing phases. Two weeks before the change of precautionary measure, Sebastián Yunda and his uncle César Yunda were linked to the case, which already had six suspects.

Judge issued preventive detention for Sebastián Yunda in case of alleged illicit association

At the beginning of last September, the information located on Sebastián Yunda’s cell phone led to 19 raids in Quito and Guayaquil, where Christian Hernández, Jorge Yunda’s former adviser; Cinthya Puga, already at that time, former chief of staff for Mayor Yunda; Adrián Haro, manager of the metropolitan public company EMSeguridad; Pamela Novoa, Nancy Gaybor and her husband, the Chinese-Ecuadorian citizen Yinlong Wang.

Judge Ortega made the parties know of his resolution through an order issued last Tuesday afternoon, after a request made by the Prosecutor’s Office to request the issuance of the red alert against Yunda Yunda, who left Ecuador from the José Joaquín de Olmedo airport, in Guayaquil, on a Copa airline flight to Panama on March 21.

Prosecutor’s Office notifies Sebastián Yunda, son of the mayor of Quito, with the beginning of a previous investigation for organized crime

The Prosecutor’s Office classifies Sebastián Yunda as a “fugitive from justice”, due to his failure to comply with the precautionary measure.

The last regular record that Interpol maintains of Sebastián Yunda is his entry to Bolivia, a country that weeks ago he offered, through his defense attorneys, that he would return to comply with the provisions by Judge Ortega. That announcement did not materialize and for that reason the preventive prison arrived.

Sebastián Yunda is the second defendant in the case for illicit association that has a request for red diffusion in Interpol to be located and detained. The first to receive a similar measure it was César Yunda, named as Cesario in the expert chats and who from the time of the relationship was defined preventive detention; it is known that he traveled to Mexico last July. (I)

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