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Chief oncologist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation: There is no evidence that those who have had covid cancer more often than others develop cancer

There is currently no evidence that people who have had coronavirus are more likely to develop lung or gastrointestinal cancer. This, as reported by RIA Novosti, said the director of the Blokhin National Medical Research Center of Oncology, chief freelance oncologist of the Russian Ministry of Health Ivan Stilidi.

Earlier, the deputy head of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection, Candidate of Medical Sciences Tatyana Solomatina said that people who have undergone COVID-19 may develop cancer in the lungs or in the gastrointestinal tract. “COVID has become the starting point for the occurrence of certain diseases,” said Solomatina.

Meanwhile, oncologists do not have such data. He explained that thanks to the pandemic, oncologists are more likely to detect lung cancer at an early stage, but this is not due to the virus, but to the fact that Russians are more likely to undergo computed tomography of the lungs, fearing pneumonia.

“I repeat, there is no data on the relationship of COVID with the emergence of malignant tumors,” Stylidi emphasized.

Source: Rosbalt

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