On Sunday, November 12, at the end of the debate between Javier Milei and Sergio Massa, all journalists, panelists, analysts, communication experts, political scientists, consultants… even the protagonists themselves, declared Massa the winner. As irrefutable proof, all Argentine newspapers from Monday the 13th without exception. In the digital archives of the media, you can also find studies that in their latest polls ensured a slight advantage for Massa over Milei. Since in the second round you get one vote, with those numbers it was unnecessary, but had to be called a technical tie, and even open the umbrella for the reverse to happen.

On the side of freedom

With their ancient glasses, they realized that the smartest is the best. The most professional imposed his experience. The cynic could against the innocent. Prepared vs spontaneous. They did not realize that this debate would not move the needle of any measurement, among other things, because nobody at that moment was interested in inflation, insecurity, corruption, dollarization, the Central Bank, the drug trade, the lack of medicine. , that is, the price of bread. What they wanted was change, and the change was so visible, so obvious, that it was impossible not to see it in that scenario where David fought Goliath.

Milei: fifth wave?

What if the change is Mass? Asked himself the former journalist and former civil servant who today works as an analyst and visits television studios, vehemently screwing up every election. He seemed serious because of his good rhetoric, while no one noticed that he was reciting an oxymoron like a castle. In her favor, it must be said that the change was hesitant.

Candidates have become products that are imposed as commodities. They are brands. Logotypes. Jingles that repeat without meaning. Empty passwords. Political scientists, political communicators or whatever they are called, managed to separate the candidates from the rulers, and the elections from the state administration. It no longer matters whether those we elect will be good rulers, not least because this business is about power, not government. They bastardize democracy because they manipulate the dreams of the people who vote for their clients like someone who buys a product tricked by advertising. To make matters worse, campaigns are paid for and mums contribute those who have dirty money and need to launder it in exchange for impunity.

‘There are no dollars for dollarization’

At eight o’clock in the evening on the day of the second round, when Mileius’ advantage over Massa had become great and definite, the liars hastily corrected the mistake with explanations which they had rehearsed to hide their bias in the service of the highest bidder, or perhaps their incompetence, or perhaps the mere and simple plagiarism.

On Sunday, November 19, the majority of Argentines did not vote for a long list of reasons given by the candidates’ inventors, and ideologies barely added to the dwindling number of votes, helped by parties that are supposed to have electoral machinery. November 19, 2023 may become historic, for better or for worse, because on that day Argentina voted for change regardless of what change it was. (OR)