We are in the middle of a psychological war that is easy to get involved in.

Among the many problems we face, we managed to face, avoid, postpone, negotiate or solve them, one of the biggest is the current pre-election situation.

It breaks into conversations in the store, on the bus, even in the bedroom, and causes quite a few silences and a lot of conflict. With consequences in relationships, in the work environment, in home meals, in the conversation about the taxi.

Presidential candidates in Ecuador are looking for alliances or coalitions, figures that are conjunctural and given only for political interests

First, a survey is conducted to find out what the interlocutor thinks. Depending on responses and perceptions, progress is made little by little, avoiding obstacles in familiar areas, or suddenly difficult obstacles have to be overcome. Perhaps this is the cause of interviewer errors, as there is a collective learning to put on masks that others like, as long as it doesn’t make waves. And when you are sure that the other has the same choice, then complicity brings you together in small groups, to give an opinion on the same thing with equal criteria and blocking any reasoning that brings doubt into such an uncertain certainty. May friendships not withstand this hurricane, because we are not used to listening without judgment, trying to understand before acting and choosing. And labels, insults, attack and dilute conversations and social networks. The motto seems to be “discredit your perceived enemy opponent at all costs”.

Women’s candidacies

I am sorry that this teaching about appearance attacks the humblest layers of society, as a way of survival. Because the collective soul of this country, once inhabited by warm and friendly people, has changed, so now many have become distrustful and are afraid to openly say what they think and feel. It is as if others are taking control of their lives, and they are depending on unimportant things in order to realize their dreams of starting a home, work, education. Uncertainty erodes their projects.

Collectively we have different fears. We also added the fear of expressing political options. Fear is a defense mechanism, it allows us to survive. But we want to live. Will the politicians be aware of the stress they are leading us into?

We have… various fears. We also added the fear of expressing political options.

One of the duties of the president is to enable and maintain the happiness of the people. To be able to enjoy the festival of democracy, that way of governing by presenting ourselves, which we have developed over centuries and which should allow us to rest from various tasks related to the good of all, knowing that there are people whose job consists of because they wanted to, and we approve their proposals and believe in their fulfillment.

It would be good if the candidates, in order to regain the trust of us, their electorate, not only present the couples, but also who would be their ministers, considering the short time they will have in power. It will be a new way for them to show that they are ready to work as a team and move the country forward, bringing back our enthusiasm.

Politicians, even if they don’t want to, are educators, they imitate them in their actions and even in their language. This transparency would help the clarity of the election to restore the collective self-respect of the election without fear, without masks. (OR)