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The Euskadiko Orkestra looks at whoever creates and transforms through art in its 2023/2024 season

The Euskadiko Orkestra looks at whoever creates and transforms through art in its 2023/2024 season

The Euskadiko Orkestra looks at whoever creates and transforms through art in its 2023/2024 season

Euskaraz irakurri: Euskadiko Orkestrak artearen bidez sortzen eta eraldatzen duen gizakiari begiratuko gave 2023/2024 denboraldian

Euskadiko Orkestra has presented this Wednesday, May 31, at its headquarters in San Sebastián, in Miramon, the 2023/2024 season. “In this new season of concerts we want to draw attention to the human being who creates and transforms, who moves the world through his life experiences”, they explained.

The subscription season will begin on September 29, 2023 in Vitoria and will end on June 7, 2024 in San Sebastián. There will be a total of 12 subscription programs, which will mean a total of 50 concerts.

In these concerts, works by Mahler will be heard (Third Symphony)Bruckner (Seventh Symphony) Dutilleux (correspondences)Richard Strauss (Aus Italian and domestic symphony)Rachmaninoff (third symphony and Second Piano Concerto), Prokofiev (Alexander Nevsky) and Dvorak (seventh symphony), in addition to the opera Die ersten Menschenby Rudi Stephan, the latter staged by Calixto Bieito and produced in collaboration with the Teatro Arriaga.

They will be in charge of directing all these works, in addition to the chief conductor Robert Treviño (he will be in charge of four programs), the directors and directors Stanislav Kochanovsky, Riccardo Frizza, Marie Jacquot, Lina Gonzalez-Granados, Baldur Bronnimann, Juanjo Mena, Juraj Valcuha and Pablo González, together with the soloists Federico Colli and Markus Schirmer (piano), Sergey Khachatryan (violin), Olesya Petrova (mezzosoprano), Alban Gerhardt (cello), Justina Gringyte (mezzosoprano), Alfonso Gómez (piano), Elena Sancho Pereg (soprano) and Clara Mouriz (mezzo-soprano).

Finally, in the new season the orchestra will be accompanied by three Basque choirs: Sociedad Coral de Bilbao (the Third by Mahler), the Orfeón Donostiarra (Aleksander Nevsky by Prokofiev) and Vocalia Taldea from Vitoria (Nocturnos by Debussy).

basque music

Looking ahead to the next season, the Euskadiko Orkestra has commissioned Antonio Lauzurika a work to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Eduardo Chillida, Chillida – Praise.

In addition, it will also premiere oihartun gorriak from the Biscayan Itziar Viloria and a new version of the work At the Aegean Shores by the Basque-Belgian composer saskia venegas, which talks about refugees from the Aegean Sea. It is a work premiered in the last edition of Musikaste de Errenteria, but which Venegas has rewritten for the occasion.

It will also be present in the 23/24 programming ramon lazkanoand, beyond contemporary authors, the third concert program, directed by Juanjo Mena, will address ramuntcho of Gabriel Piernebased on the homonymous book by Pierre Loti, and concert in sunof Maurice Ravel.

Finally, in the record records section, the orchestra will record works by Gabriel Erkoreka under the Ondine label.


In February 2024, the Euskadiko Orkestra will offer concerts in Salzburg, Mozart’s birthplace, and Linz.

Subscriptions and tickets

Subscriptions for the ten concerts of the season can be reserved at a price between 80 and 235 euros from June 5 on the orchestra’s website, the telephone number 943 01 32 32 or by sending an email to abonatuak@euskadikoorkestra. eus.

Tickets will begin to be sold on September 1.

Source: Eitb

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