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Massive leak of Poles’ passwords.  The government has launched a data checking tool.  Only it doesn’t work

Massive leak of Poles’ passwords. The government has launched a data checking tool. Only it doesn’t work

On Wednesday, the digitization ministry launched a tool that can be used to check the security of your data. This is a response to the huge leak of millions of logins and passwords of Poles, which took place on Tuesday. The problem is that the government tool does not work so far.

On Tuesday, we informed about a huge leak of sensitive data of Poles. A file containing millions of records with logins and passwords for Facebook, Allegro,, Onet Poczta, Poczta WP, x-kom and Morele stores as well as mBank and ING banks appeared in the Tor network on one of the forums. Some of the companies whose customers have lost data have already blocked access to vulnerable accounts and notified their owners. However, there was no universal tool to check whether our data was in the disclosed database.

Now, such a tool has been launched by the Ministry of Digitization, as reported by Janusz Cieszyński on Twitter on Wednesday. On the government website, it will be possible to easily check whether our logins and passwords have been leaked. All you have to do is log in there through a trusted profile, and then enter the login or e-mail address that we used to log in to the websites of one of the companies from which confidential information was stolen.

The problem is that the tool is not working yet (although – according to Cieszyński’s tweet – it should already be). After entering the website prepared by MC, we can only find out that “when using the Internet, we use our logins and passwords every day” and “every day we face the so-called data leaks in cyberspace” and read that the search engine that has just been launched is “free free and secure. That’s it, because after clicking on the “login” and “check data” buttons, nothing happens at all. This was also noticed by Twitter users, who inform the minister about this fact in a mass post.

Data leaked? What to do now?

For now, we can only try to use alternative sites (e.g. ), but it is unlikely that they will be updated so quickly with the data from the latest leak. However, if the tool of the Ministry of Digitization finally starts, it is worth using it to protect yourself in the event of a data leak from accounts whose logins and passwords are in the shared database. In such a situation, it is necessary to change the passwords for the accounts that have been disclosed and similar or identical passwords for all other accounts we use, even if they are not listed.

Source: Gazeta

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