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The best of Ecuadorian journalism was recognized at the Jorge Mantilla Ortega awards; EL UNIVERSO newspaper received an award for its 100 years

On the night of this Tuesday, November 23, the Jorge Mantilla Ortega awards gala, in the auditorium of the University of the Americas, UdlaPark headquarters.

The event rewards best journalistic works of Ecuador, This time it was its 28th edition, it returned to the presence after having made its previous edition virtually, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The grand prize Jorge Mantilla Ortega was turned in for journalistic work “History of a test” by Carolina Mella, Dayana Monroy and María Isabel González.

This report made in podcast version tells the history of the murder of Lisbeth Baquerizo and the corruption that was handled behind the incident that occurred in Guayaquil, on December 23, 2020.

The awards given to the different categories were the following:


The award went to the work of Galo Paguay, Julio Estrella, Diego Pallero, Glenda Giacometti, Enrique Pesántez, Diego Puente and Vicente Costales, with the photo report called “Those who are leaving”, a series of photographs on the illegal migration of Ecuadorians abroad, published in the newspaper El Comercio.


The winner was the job “History of a test” made by Carolina Mella, Dayana Monroy and María Isabel González, published by the Chicas Poderosas collective in various digital media.


The award went to Maria Amelia Espinosa, with the article “About the 79 dead that nobody cries.” This article, published in the digital medium Plan V, talks about one of the massacres that took place in the prisons of Cotopaxi, Azuay and Guayas.

Journalistic investigation:

The winner was Carolina Loza with the journalistic work called “Devoured by the return” published in the digital medium GK. This work talks about Ecuadorian fishermen who are imprisoned in the United States while trying to distribute drugs.

The jury for this contest was made up of Andrea Bernal, Michael Bodenhorst and Teresa Arboleda.

Tribute to the newspaper El Universo

In the middle of the award ceremony, the organization of the University of Las Américas presented a daily tribute video EL UNIVERSO on having turned 100 informing the country.

The head of the editorial department in Quito, Xavier Reyes He received a recognition plate and expressed his gratitude on behalf of the direction of the communication medium.

“At 100 years we are being reborn minute by minute, committed to our public and journalism (…) thank them for this recognition and for 100 more years to come,” he said. (I)

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