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Former President Lenin Moreno must return to the country at the request of the National Assembly

The legislators point out that the 90 days of absence reported by Moreno, last August, expired six days ago

One hundred assembly members requested, this November 23, the immediate return to the country of the former president of the Republic, Lenin Moreno, since the 90-day period to leave the country expired on November 18.

The resolution was presented by the legislator of the Union for Hope bench, Fausto Jarrín, who stated that former president Lenin Moreno did not inform the National Assembly of his decision to remain outside the country, as he is flagrantly breaching the constitutional rule taking into account that the 90 days of absence, which was communicated to the legislature last August, expired six days ago.

Lenín Moreno notifies that he will be outside the country for three months to give lectures and meet his grandson

The Constitution of the Republic in the third paragraph of article 144, establishes that the President of the Republic, during her mandate and up to one year after having ceased in her functions, must notify the National Assembly, in advance of her departure , the period and the reasons for your absence from the country

The legislator Jarrín, proposed that this legislative resolution be made known to the Organization of American States (OAS), as he said that they know that the former president intends to be an international civil servant, and the first thing that the multinational body must know is the constitutional breach of who ruled the country for the past four years.

The approved text provides that the resolution be sent to the State Attorney General’s Office and the State Comptroller General’s Office, in order to report on the actions that have been taken since resolution N. RL- 2021-2023-010 of July 8, 2021. Well, at the discretion of legislator Fausto Jarrín, former president Lenin Moreno, is being investigated for various complaints at the level of these two control bodies.

The legislator, Nathalie Arias (CREO), participated in the debate, and suggested that the recitals include a wording in the plural, because it is not a former president who has pending accounts with the Ecuadorian justice, but there are two. Well, he said that in the country there are pending investigation issues such as Green Rice, Inapapers, Odebrecht, bribery cases, all of them are important, Arias replied. The text of the resolution was not modified.

The one hundred votes that approved the resolution came from the UNES, Pachakutik, Democratic Left and Independientes benches. The legislators of CREO, PSC and some of the National Agreement Bank abstained. (I)

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