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Black Friday 2021: when does it start in Peru and how to find the best deals?

With the Christmas holidays near, the expected arrives Black Friday 2021. This global event brings together the best offers and discounts in different brands and products, either through ecommerce or in the same store in a shopping center. This date brings, as well as great sales, also many virtual theft strategies. Find out here what these days are about and how to take advantage of the best promotions while providing the security of your purchase.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday or Black Friday is the day characterized by a commercial dynamic that moves the world economy. It happens before the Christmas festivities, so this is an opening for year-end shopping. There are big sales in all categories and that of course encourages people to buy the gifts in advance. In this case, it is a question of taking advantage of the sales season, since the offers have a short expiration date..

The expression Black Friday began to be used in the mid-1950s. According to the Telegraph newspaper, after Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States, an American football game was scheduled between the Army and the Navy. For the event, the citizens of Philadelphia used Friday to attend in droves to do the Christmas shopping and thus be free for the sporting event.

From this plan to buy together, the use of the word that is explained in this section is recorded, according to the referred newspaper.

When does Black Friday 2021 start and when does it end?

The official day of Black Friday 2021 is November 26, but many companies extend the offers until the weekend, that is, until Sunday, November 28. Also, some establishments schedule an entire week of sales, as a commercial strategy to capture customer preference.

How to take better advantage of the offers for Black Friday 2021?

Buying and selling are strategic actions. Prior to the days celebrated, multiple messages will reach the email queue, piling up one after another. There will be all kinds of offers for all kinds of products and in all kinds of stores. Therefore, it is important to take care of security when paying. Here are a few tips for the buyer to prevent cases of electronic theft.

Experiment with the shopping cart and check your budget

If you have already set the products you are going to buy, you can prepare the shopping cart with those items in advance. Thus, you will be able to view the total amount of the gifts on the portals website. You can also mark your favorite offers or activate the list of desired products and select the purchase intentions you have there.

Buy in known or trusted places

Undoubtedly, there are many internet offers and, therefore, secure sales pages must be prioritized. To do this, you have to verify that you have an SSL certificate. An easy way to do this is to see if the website you are accessing starts with https. Otherwise, it must be taken into account that the user exposes the data that he enters on the page (be it card, personal name or shipping address).

Check if you can make returns and other conditions related to your purchase

As a consumer it is important to know your rights. Once you have chosen the trusted websites, find out about the return and claim conditions. Buyers, in most cases, have a period of 14 calendar days from when the product arrives home to exercise the right of withdrawal and return it free of charge. Even so, it does not always happen in all cases. This point is of vital importance.

¡Cuídate del FOMO!

The so-called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) pushes purchases that are unnecessary. Fashion products are disseminated and the consumer’s fear of missing out ‘just to keep up’ can lead to avoidable outlays.

Activate notifications, alerts and check your promotions tray

To find out about the offers of the stores of your choice, activate notifications and alerts both from the application (if there is one), and from the web. Social media can help you keep up with discounts.

Beware of phishing

If in your WhatsApp, social networks, mail and text messages you receive promotional messages with links or attachments, do not open them. It is the most popular attack in the world, based on social engineering techniques but which are avoidable if there is caution. One way to avoid falling into these traps is to make sure the site’s brand is well written or without repetitions of letters.

Activate the authentication factors offered by your bank

For payment, many banks allow you to enable the option of a second authentication factor, based on a one-time code that arrives via SMS.. This step is essential to increase the security levels of access to online banking or shopping sites.


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