Hand in hand with his wife, he leaves home for church, goes to mass, as he does almost every day. Pay attention to everything. The situation was no longer such that it creates peace, announcements and threats came from all sides, and as always happens, it is not known from where and when. After the celebration and after a few jobs, he goes to his mother-in-law. Then he returns to his workplace. He meets Manuel and Faustino, they walk together, talk, talk. to “Rayo took a step back, drew his machete and struck the victim’s head with the machete. The high-crowned hat and stiff skirt receive the cut and soften the blow, which, however, hurts. No one knew what was happening, Gabriel was alone. It took some time to fall to the foot of the Palace and as he cut, Rayo said, “Die, you hypocrite; Die, infamous, Jesuits in coats, tyrants”. And then García Moreno says: God never dies”(Taken from Hernán Rodríguez Castelo, García Moreno).

Two hundredth anniversary of Garcia M.

Thirty-seven years after that murder, and after trying to escape through diplomatic channels in various places, Eloy Alfaro is arrested in Quito. In the shadow of not so clear agreements between the press, as they say, the Church and certain social levels, they killed him. Him, his friends and family. His body was belittled with anger and hatred, with malice and revenge. Liberalism died with the sound of the unforgivable crime of the former president, who was called “Bolivian” because he was faithful to the dream of Greater Colombia.

I put these examples to talk about betrayal. About treason per se, and not about the homeland to dry up, because, after all, people freely decide how they will distribute their loyalty to their neighbors – and here also to the homeland – according to their interests and affections.

The work recounts the experiences of Eloy Alfaro and the railway

The killers in those stories, who knows if they thought they were doing good for the country in their internal forums. That is possible. Right and left have always fought for the space of power to save the homeland. There is no point in analyzing it further. Enough of living with this horror.

(…) who knows if in their internal competences they thought they were doing the homeland good.

What is worth, now more than ever, is to look carefully at what politicians, the military, civilians and the simplest and simplest human beings are doing; what we do or don’t do in order to put the higher interest of humanity below trivialities, which is respect for life, honor and the principles of freedom and democracy.

Benjamín Ortiz: More authors should be interested in writing historical novels

So much has been written about democracy, however, as Dr. Edmundo Durán D. said, it is “the right of a person to claim that society leaves him an area within which he can move freely in order to develop physically and spiritually, receiving protection, encouragement and assistance others, in order to enjoy these human rights”. This is worthy of living.

Life doesn’t always visit us for fun. And neither is democracy. On many occasions we have to drink the bitter drink of disappointment and misery. This cannot be a reason to get rid of the respect we owe to the honor left us by the bloody conquest of the regime of law.

There is a loyalty that appeals above all difficulties, it is the one we deserve by not ceasing to believe in what is valuable: our democracy and the good life. Don’t confuse backstage with gold. Don’t get confused between the magnificent or the sterile trail that we can leave written in Ecuador. (OR)