The letter-bombs addressed to different media show the escalation of violence used by the drug trade as coercion and the creation of social unrest, a fertile ground for many subsequent violences, especially in the political field where lenient affinities are necessary for a job that moves millions in the world and in our country.

Democracy and manageability are at stake. These are acts of destabilization and instilling fear, paralyzing the population, fleeing or remaining silent, surviving at any cost by colluding with mafias that pull the strings in the shadows.

The Communication Council led a technical round table for evaluating attacks on journalists

There are already neighborhoods where “peace” reigns. One group maintains security in the sector and punishes offenders. In others, the neighbors look for the leaders of different dominant groups to be godparents at baptisms, graduations, various parties, because they are guaranteed a celebration and their own consumption. Some sectors prefer to pay for vaccines in order to have the security that is not provided by the institutional managers who provide them.

And we citizens cannot agree on which measures to take first.

Racism, discrimination and polarization

They collide with each other, like a huge bridge that floated over the Blanco River, ancestral knowledge and practice in the way of decision-making, with the urgencies of another population fed by social networks that follow algorithms that always give more of the same, because they choose what we read or like, feed one thought. And almost unconsciously, despite striving for diversity, we are directed towards exclusivity and polarization.

with me or against me

Love, (…) which moves the world and which is more creative than hate, must also be the heart of politics.

And we yell at each other online with a growing sense of anger and resentment. And we attack people more than the content of ideas, and build almost insurmountable walls, while nature in its fury tears them down and exposes them to our smallness and dependence, as an allegory of what awaits us if we disqualify and insult our work.

There is not much time now to find common ground to move forward as a country.

We will have to accept the punishments, whether we agree with it or not, because that is the essence of democracy, respect and building based on the decision of the majority or institutions that have the power to do so based on the laws that govern us. according to the Constitution that we approved ourselves.

We will have to learn as a community to respect laws, as much as we are used to finding ways to break them as soon as they are promulgated. Because laws mark the way we progress in the midst of chaos.

But democracy also requires that we build the society and state we want together, that means not being passive observers. It requires inclusion in the most sustainable proposals for solutions to the problems that plague us. It requires the acceptance of the possibility that we are wrong, it imposes respect, commitment and the urgency of experiencing the risk of uncertainty, as we seek through action, justice, equality for the poorest and most excluded in a rich country with people we love. Love, that reality that moves the world and is more creative than hate, must also be the heart of politics and politicians. (OR)