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Klaudia El Dursi from “Hotel Paradise” showed the “radiator” in a skimpy bikini with cutouts.  “Goddess”

Klaudia El Dursi from “Hotel Paradise” showed the “radiator” in a skimpy bikini with cutouts. “Goddess”

Klaudia El Dursi shared with her fans on Instagram a unique recording straight from Colombia, in which she posed in a tight-fitting bathing suit. The 34-year-old delighted her followers on Instagram. Things got hot in the comments.

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Klaudia El Dursi began her career in show business with a performance, where she received an award in the form of the so-called golden ticket. The model took advantage of her chance and the so-called. five minutes and began appearing on numerous television formats. She reached the peak of her popularity thanks to the leading role in the reality show “Hotel Paradise”. he also finds himself in social media, where he regularly posts many posts, the backstage of his private life and the effects of photo sessions. Her profile on Instagram is followed by over 845,000 people.

Klaudia El Dursi from “Paradise Hotel” poses in the mirror in a heavily cut bikini

he does not let himself be forgotten and publishes more posts on which he presents his impeccable figure and muscular belly. The model presented her look by posing in the mirror and recording a few-second clip. This time she opted for a brown two-piece swimsuit with fashionable cutouts and high ties on the hips. She matched the whole with a matching head scarf and airy skirt reaching the floor.

Internet users comment on Klaudia El Dursi’s outfit. The Instagram post aroused a lot of emotions

The host of “Hotel Paradise” is currently working on the set of the next season of the reality show, from where she reveals the backstage of this place from time to time, publishing posts in summer stylizations. This time, when she presented herself in a skimpy and heavily cut bikini, we can be sure that the temperatures in Colombia are high. It is in Colombia, together with the team, that I am preparing the next editions of the hit show for the viewers. The last recording caused not only the enthusiasm of her faithful observers, but also compliments.

Claudia, what a great figure you have.

But the radiator

True Goddess

Wow what a figure

Turkish princess

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