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Dietitian: Iodine mesh will not help treat iodine deficiency

Dietitian: Iodine mesh will not help treat iodine deficiency

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It is useless to make an iodine grid to make up for the deficiency of iodine in the body. It is reported by MedikForum with reference to the dietitian Natalya Kruglova.

Note that the iodine grid as a method of therapy is used for various kinds of health problems. You can often hear that its application to the skin is useful in cases where there is iodine deficiency. In particular, it can be used to determine that a person really has such a deficiency.

However, the expert noted that this method should not be trusted.

“Sometimes they try to determine by the iodine grid whether there is a deficiency or not. It is believed that if the mesh is quickly absorbed into the skin, then the body experiences a lack of iodine. This is a myth,” she said.

Also, added Natalia Kruglova, it is useless to use pharmacy solutions of iodine externally to make up for the existing lack of iodine – they do not help treat its deficiency. In this case, the iodine mesh will not give the desired result, because, she explained, iodine compounds in food and pharmaceutical products have a different structure.

To combat iodine deficiency, she advised including iodized salt in the diet, as well as eating seafood, including fish and seaweed.

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