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Short Easter wishes 2023. Ideas for funny rhymes and serious wishes

Short Easter wishes 2023. Ideas for funny rhymes and serious wishes

Every year we send Easter wishes to our loved ones, friends and acquaintances. However, not everyone should wish the same and in the same way. It all depends on the age and the type of relationship that connects us with the addressees of the wishes. Here are some ideas for short Easter greetings that will appeal to your loved ones, friends or work colleagues and will help you avoid awkward situations.

What short to file in? We have countless possibilities. We can choose a funny rhyme, a cheerful rhyme or – in the case of more formal relations with the addressee – decide on serious wishes.

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Short Easter wishes – funny

Want to wish someone a funny Easter greeting? We present short suggestions in the form of a poem:

A bunny jumps in the forest,

And wishes for you.

Jumps through Easter eggs,

Hallelujah screams

Then it disappears in long strides,

All wet from Dyngus!


All joy, colorful eggs, white sheep, countless smiles and nuts and dried fruit in a cheesecake. Fat sausages and a nice atmosphere, wishes…


Enjoy your eggs and shortbread cookies!

Happy family celebration and feasting.

Warm greetings – Christmas!


Guess who? guess from where?

Wishes you a Merry Christmas,

don’t think it’s a fairy tale

I wish you a tasty egg,

let tradition pour water,

because the bunny is going crazy today.

Short Easter wishes – serious

The situation calls for elegant Easter greetings? Here are our suggestions:

Healthy, Happy Easter,

filled with faith, hope and love.

Joyful spring mood,

cordial family gatherings

and among friends and a happy “Hallelujah”.


Peace in the heart and peace in the world.

May Easter time bring back all that is good.

He will chase away worries and sorrows. Gives hope for a better tomorrow.


On the occasion of Easter, I would like to wish you all the best wishes for prosperity, health and a tasty egg. May this holiday bring us all hope for a peaceful future, for peace in the world and prosperity in our own country.


May the essence of Easter fill you with strength and joy and make smile and optimism accompany you every day.

Short Easter wishes – religious

Hallelujah, Hallelujah! Today is a happy day for us because Christ is risen. So rejoice and look to the future with confidence. May he send you graces and bring happiness to your family life.

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