After a media breakup with ex-footballer Gerard Piqué, Shakira turned her spite into art, and the songs that came out of that experience cemented her at the top of the music charts.

Indeed, after the storm comes the calm, and in her case the successes have arrived and there is no doubt that professionally the Colombian artist has reinvented herself and continues to progress.

But personally it’s the opposite. As can be seen from several interviews she gave to the media, the singer has not yet gotten over the pain of parting, which, in addition to media writing, also came with rumors about the athlete’s alleged infidelity.

Shakira’s mother was urgently hospitalized in Barcelona due to thrombosis in her leg. How dangerous is this disease?

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An interpreter from Whenever, wherever he has to deal with the health of his father William Mebarak Chadid, who is very weak. Now his mother is the one who cares for him at the moment. Nidia del Carmen Ripoll, Shakira’s mother, has just been hospitalized after being diagnosed with thrombosis in her leg.

Although it is an image that can be fatal, when the clot reaches the brain, according to a report by Telemundo, Nidia is out of danger and is recovering with a favorable prognosis. Moreover, the media predicted that it is possible to fire him between today and tomorrow.

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Who is Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado, Shakira’s mother

Some media called Ripoll the ‘invisible’ mother.

The nickname was created because Shakira repeatedly mentioned her father and her relationship with him. We recently saw William starring in the music video for Currambera, which Carlos Vives dedicated to Shakira on her birthday last year. The world icon even mentioned her ex-mother-in-law in her latest hit Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, vol. 53, when he sings “You left my mother-in-law as a neighbor…”. But nothing from Nidia.

According to the report from woman todayShakira’s father William met Nidia about 47 years ago. when they worked for the same company.

“She worked in a friend’s company, and one day I saw the wind sticking her skirts to her legs and I fell in love. And I thought, ‘Now your peace is over, William…’ for I was a married man then. And when we strengthened our relationship, our daughter Shakira was born,” he said. William mbarak in an interview in Vanguard.

“The day I die, I will look back and hope that I always did what I wanted,” Gerard Piqué refuses to comment on Shakira in an interview and assures that he is focused on protecting his children

What is the relationship between Shakira and her mother Nidia Ripoll

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union of William and Nidia only gave birth to Shakiraand with her came the hope of the family, thanks to her talent.

Rumor has it that Ms. Nidia was in charge of choosing the pop diva’s family and stage name. In addition, the Colombian woman with a Catalan great-grandfather in her family tree knew how to see the star she would become in her daughter from an early age.

At the age of 10, the little artist competed in a television talent show Looking for a child artist, which he won three years in a row. His mother was always behind those victories.

“From Nidia, Shakira inherited her mental agility and discipline. Shakira would bring her grades from school, and Nidia would always tell her: ‘Next time you can get a better grade, daughter, do your best!’, and that’s how she encouraged her,” the father assured in another interview.

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Certainly Nidia was his shadow. It is said that the forefather was an inevitable person in the offstage Colombian concerts, as well as in every creative process, and if not, she had to take care of little Sasha and Milán, while their mother is on stage. In addition, for years he was also a kind of press officer for Barranquillera’s personal affairs; that is, she is the one who confronted the press when they inquired about her sentimental affairs.

Although invisible in the media, Ms. Nidia Ripoll is undoubtedly her biggest supporter, and Shakira recognized this with her numerous publications dedicated to her parents and family. (AND)